Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Secure your Harris hosted software by adding multiple layers of advanced security to your login processes. MFA lets you require users to use a secondary authentication method to confirm their identity –  protecting your data from malicious hacking attempts. 


MFA Secures Your Hosted Software & Your Staff's Identity

Advanced Security Protocols

Secondary authentication using mobile push or one-time passcodes is a fast and reliable way to protect your internal systems and data.

Regulatory Compliance & Mandates

Meet cyber-security insurance compliance standards and mandates from local and state governments.

Mobile Safety - Anywhere & Anytime

Implementing MFA allows you to securely access your software whenever and wherever you need to — knowing that your identity and data are safe

How Harris Schools Multi-Factor Authentication Works


Login into your HSS-hosted software

Start by accessing your software at your workstation using your username and password. 

Receive your secondary authorization

Verify your identity using the authenticator app, receiving a one-time passcode, or by U2F security key.

Gain secure access to your Harris software

Once you've verified your identity using your preferred method, your Harris software will grant secure access. 


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